Field Claims Adjuster

Alow Field Adjusters to access critical information from their mobile tablet device.


Extend OnBase functionality to your mobile device

Securely capture and upload video photos and signatures

Access real-time information in the field

What if a claims adjuster could have access to all of the information necessary to do his job and fulfill his clients' needs by using the same enterprise content management (ECM) solution in the field that he uses in the office?

What if a mobile device could provide him with secure, real-time access to client data - and the ability to upload client data - while still being simple and easy to use?

With the OnBase Insurance Field Adjuster App for Windows 8, the first mobile app of its kind for Microsoft's new Windows 8 platform, all of that is possible.

Through the combined power of Windows 8 and OnBase, Hyland Software's ECM software solution, field adjusters are able to access critical information like policy agreements, damage photos, repair statements, loss notices and notes, in real-time from their mobile tablet device.

With the OnBase Insurance Field Adjuster App for Windows 8, they can:

  • Create, complete and update electronic forms
  • Create and upload diagrams
  • Capture video and photographs
  • Record statements
  • Map routes using Bing Maps

And, all of that information may be uploaded into OnBase right there at the scene. Even before the field adjuster gets back in his car, this data is instantly accessible to decision makers wherever they are, whether they're back at the office or using their mobile device.

With functionality like this, adjusters efficiently and quickly respond to an insurance claim, helping ensure favorable results - both in terms of customer satisfaction and the insurance company's expense ratio. By giving field adjusters a way to seamlessly transition from the office to the field, your company gains a significant advantage over the competition.

Adjusters easily navigate the new Windows 8 features and functionality using live tiles that automatically update the number of claims under review. Adjusters can pin a claim to their mobile device's Start screen for quick access and take advantage of multitasking capabilities when they want to navigate between applications.

While in the field, adjusters also benefit from the OnBase functionality the solutions extends to their mobile device, including:

  • Secure access to critical documents
  • Automated workflows to quickly process claims
  • Real-time delivery notifications of new claims and work items
  • Signature capture
  • Incorporation with the device's camera and mapping from the claim record