HR Employee File Management

HR Employee File Management helps departments to better manage employee files, equipping personnel with secure, instant access to information. With our Employee File Management solution, organisations store employee documents electronically in one central location, reducing the time spent searching for content while increasing security and supporting compliance initiatives.


Streamlines management of employee files

Supports compliance initiatives

Ensures security of employee data

Benefits of Employee File Management

Reduced operating costs:

  • Digitise employee files
  • Automated folder creation
  • Role-based security
  • Quickly identify missing documents
  • Mobile/email access to processes and documents
  • Dashboard View for exception reporting to validate compliance of complete records

HR Compliance Considerations:

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Visa Process Compliance
  • Security
  • Document Retention


HR Employee Management maximises employees’ abilities to perform administrative tasks, access information and kick off HR approval processes. Start with the solutions you need right now, like the ability to electronically store and retrieve documents, and leverage them across your department as time, budget and goals permit. Once you start optimising processes, extend your HR solution to automate other essential tasks like policy and procedure sign-offs and employee on-boarding.

Additional Functionality:

  • Allows easy enforcement of your security policies and tracks access and activities
  • Facilitates reporting and auditing on the information you do and don’t have
  • Automates your retention and records management requirements
  • ECM Services, enables upload of multiple documents simultaneously
  • Integration for MS Outlook
  • Knowledge Transfer (Policies and Procedures)
  • Allows employees to complete forms and make requests on-line
  • Provides on-line real-time visibility into status of HR related content