Solutions as Unique as Your Organisation

With OnBase, it's easy to design solutions to meet the needs of your organisation. OnBase is one of the most flexible and easy-to-use enterprise content management (ECM) applications on the market today. Tailored for departments, but comprehensive enough for the enterprise, OnBase gives you what you need today and grows with your organisation over time.

One Core Product

OnBase is one unified product comprised of individual modular components. Think of these modules as building blocks. Used in combination, they create solutions to meet the specific needs of your department, enterprise and industry.
We don't employ a one-size/one-price fits-all approach to ECM. With OnBase, you only pay for the software you need.

Customise without Code

Because the functionality within OnBase isn't cobbled together from separate, disconnected products, you don't require expensive custom coding or services costs to grow your solution. Developed in-house for the last 20 years, OnBase is point-and-click configurable. Your users quickly create and expand solutions by using simple checkboxes, menus and radio buttons.
This ability to customise without code means that you can tackle your enterprise needs one phase at a time, and the opportunities to grow your ECM solution are limitless.