Benefits of Engaging ECM360 and Implementing OnBase

Reduced operating costs

  • eliminates the cost of printing, shipping and storing paper because your content is captured electronically
  • improves productivity by providing instant access to content and processes from anywhere, even a mobile device
  • speeds up processes by automating predictable decisions and providing useful tools to manage all the surrounding tasks, activities and case work, allowing you to increase productivity without increasing staff

Improved customer service

  • recovers time spent searching in multiple locations for documents and waiting for files to be pulled and delivered
  • allows customers, constituents and students to complete forms and make requests on-line
  • provides on-line real-time visibility into status of requests, transactions and orders

Minimised risk

  • allows easy enforcement of your security policies and tracks access and activities
  • facilitates reporting and auditing on the information you do and don’t have
  • automates your retention and records management requirements